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Stars of the week awards

Every week one child from each class is nominated for the Headteacher’s star of the week award. Their achievement is celebrated in Church at Friday afternoon assembly. Well done to all these children.

2nd December 2022

Ellsie, Sephira, Ethan and Tilly S

25th November 2022

Anuhas, Polly, Charlotte, Aria and Harrison

18th November 2022

Hugo, Iola, Sofia, Amber, Nazar and Tamara

11th November 2022

Ophelia, Nathan, Zak and Oliver

4th November 2022

Sophie, Harry, Lewis, Harrison and Serge

21st October 2022

Ellie, Lexie, Taylor, Elliot and Toby

14th October 2022

Amelia, Poppy W, Riley and Oliver F

7th October 2002

Skylar J, Freddie, Wilfred and Eric

30th September 2022

Skylar C, Sofiia, Tilly J, Daisie & Tamara

23rd September 2022

Skylar-Rae, Joseph, Tilly P, Nazar and Isabella

16th September 2022

Kai, Esme, Remy and Serge

9th September 2022

All Ash, all Oak & Toby M and Jessica L and Izabelle L

8th July 2022

Iola, Harry, Cohen, Amelia1st July 2022

Esme, Toby, Oliver T, Fiona and Taylor

24th June 2022

Nathan, Poppy, Hattie, Chloe, Abi M and Isla

17th June 2022

Eli, Clem, Faber, Oliver S, Elizabeth R and Sofiia

10th June 2022

Freddie, Lily, Lacey-Mae and Elliot

20th May 2022

Lewis, Sofia, Genevieve, Robin and Rory

13th May 2022

All of Willow, all of Year 6, Hetty and Elizabeth B

6th May 2022

Ellsie, Tilly, Ella, Charlotte and Maisie

25th March 2022

Iola, Theo, Oliver, Serge and Starr

18th March 2022

Esme, Rhys, Taylor, William and Toby

11th March 2022

Ellsie, Oliver F & Toby M, Toby W, Thomas and Faber

4th March 2022

Freddie, Ayla, Tamara and Jacob

11th February 2022

Esme, Jessica, Lexie, Fiona, Amelia and Polly

4th February 2022

Nathan, Wilfred, Romily, Tilly, Cohen and Daisie

28th January 2022

Hetty, Harry, Marley, Abigail and Finley M

21st January 2022

Iola, Lacey, Genevieve, Marley, Lucas, Elliott and Beth

10th December 2021

Poppy, Cohen, Ayla, Noah, Starr, Oliver H & Finley W

3rd December 2021

Iola, Lewis, Elizabeth R, Ethan, Isabella, Elliot and Faber

26th November 2021

Nathan, Zak, Eric, William and Taylor

19th November 2021

Freddie, Romily, Rowan, Amelia, Rory and Ava

12th November 2021

Hetty, Thomas, Fiona, Jacob, Robin and Ben

5th November 2021

Esme, Brendon, Tamara and Hattie

15th October 2021

Iola, Aria, Taylor and Clem

8th October 2021

Nathan, Ella, Toby and Tally

1st October 2021

Ellsie, Joseph, Elizabeth R, Elizabeth B, Charlotte & Abigail M

4th September 2021

Freddie, Tilly J, Tilly P & Polly

17th September 2021

All of Ash, Sofia and Remy, Serge, Abbie M, Hattie, Chloe and Isla

16th July 2021

Lexie, Aria, Matilda, Charlotte, Polly, Toby, Jamie

9th July 2021

Lewis, Rhys, Ethan, Elizabeth B, Will, Toby & Jamie

2nd July 2021

Zak, Cohen, Amelia, Ava, Hattie and Freya

25th June 2021

Oliver F, Oliver S, Elizabeth R, Maisie, Faber & Freya

18th June 2021

Joseph, Tamara, Amber, Isaac, Sophie and all of Willow Class

11th June 2021

Poppy W, Poppy M, Ethan, Marley, Drew, Tally & Lilly-May

28th May 2021

Toby, Oliver T, Oliver S, Eric, Finley M, Abigail B and Oliver K

21st May 2021

Joseph, Tilly, Taylor, Genevieve, Beth, Lucas and Jamie

14th May 2021

Lacey, Aria, Ayla, Elizabeth B, Oliver H, Andrew and Lily-Ann

7th May 2021

Harry, Wilfred, Matilda, Toby, Will, Abigail M and Jessica B

30th April 2021

Lexie, Rhys, Rowan, Charlotte, Zach, Ben and Erin

11th December 2020

Oliver T, Ayla, Tamara, Elliot, Ben and Tom

4th December 2020

Romily, Jessica, Rowan, Elizabeth, Beth, Abigail and Jessica

27th November 2020

Ella, Poppy, Thomas, Amelia, Amber, Lucas and Jamie

20th November 2020

Lewis, Zak, Tilly P, Fiona, Finley M, Noah and Freya

13th November 2020

Ella, Oliver F, Taylor, Marley, Oliver, Isaac, Lilly-May

6th November 2020

Poppy, Wilfred, Oliver S, Genevieve, Maisie, Isla and Oliver K

23rd October 2020

Toby, Oliver T, Rowan, Tamara, Robin, Jamie and Crystal

16th October 2020

Romily, Jessica R, Thomas, Toby, Daisie, Clem and Jessica B

9th October 2020

Lewis, Rhys, Ayla, Fiona, Rory, Abigail M and Lily-Ann

2nd October 2020

Lexie, Tilly, Taylor, Elizabeth, Polly, Chloe and Sophie

25th September 2020

Harry, Zak, Tilly, Amelia, Finley W, Hattie and Tom

18th September 2020

Lacey, Aria, Ethan, Ava, Charlotte, Toby and Erin

13th March 2020

Olivia, Ethan, Monty, Rory, Ben, Oliver and Rosie

6th March 2020

Jessica, Tilly, Tamara-May, Robin, Isaac, Freya and Carmen

28th February 2020

Rhys, Ayla, Toby, Ava, Isla, Lily-Ann and Layla

14th February 2020

Oliver F, Oliver S, Elizabeth, Mathilde, Faber, Jamie and Mirabelle

7th February 2020

Wilfred, Toby, Beth, Abigail, Erin and Alana

31st January 2020

Gabriella, Cohen, Fiona, Polly and Elliott

24th January 2020

Thomas, Charlotte, Finley, Chloe, Sophie, Ella

17th January 2020

Aria, Rowan, Eric, Oliver, Noah, Jessica and Niamh

10th January 2020

Jessica, Ethan, Genevieve, Daisie, Cryst

al, Lilly-May, Henry and Layla

13th December 2019

Jessica, Indy, Elizabeth, Zach, Hattie, Abigail, Tom and Rosie

6th December 2019

Oliver, Oliver, Monty, Rory, Faber and all Oak

29th November 2019

Jack, Tilly, Coral, Elliot, Isla, Erin and Niamh

22nd November 2019

Poppy, Ayla, Toby, William, Elliott, Oliver and Layla

15th November 2019

Oliver T, Ethan, Eric, Daisie, Jacob, Sophie and Ella

8th November 2019

Wilfred, Thomas, Genevieve, Maisie, Ben, Freya and Jessica W

1st November 2019

Gabriella, Rowan, Charlotte, Mathilde, Clem, Lily-Ann and Mirabelle

18th October 2019

Tilly, Ayla, Elizabeth, Beth, Chloe and all of Year 5 &6

11th October 2019

Olivia, Cohen, Toby, Ava, Noah, Tom and Aubrey

4th October 2019

Aria, Taylor, Marley, Ollie, Abigail, Jamie and Lilly-Grace

27th September 2019

Rhys, Oliver, Fiona, Amber, Crystal, Jessica and Alana

20th September 2019

Zak, Tilly J, Monty, Polly, Isaac, Lilly-May and Carmen

13th September 2019

Indy, Coral, Robin, Lucas, Erin and Henry

19th July 2019

Rowan, Isla, Freya and all year 1/2 and 5

12th July 2019

Tilly, Elizabeth, Daisie, Elliott, Erin, Ella, Elli, Reuben, Jake, Isabel and Eiran

5th July 2019

Cohen, Monty, Robin, Noah, Oliver & all of Oak

28th June 2019

All reception, Toby, Polly, Jacob, Megan, Layla and Isabel

21st June 2019

Ethan, Charlotte, Amber, Ben, Tom and all Oak

14th June 2019

Rowan, Eric, Beth, Crystal, Jamie, Henry and Chloe

7th June 2019

Tilly, Monty, Ava, all of Beech, Lilly-Grace and Rubie

24th May 2019

Taylor, Elizabeth, Elliott, Chloe, Oliver, Aubrey and Jake

17th May 2019

Cohen, Lewis, Rory, Isaac, Freya M, Jessica and all of year 6

10th May 2019

Joseph, Josh, Rory, Abigail, Lily-Ann, Lilly-Grace and Izzy

3rd May 2019

Rowan, Eric, Mathilde, Alice, Freya E, Carmen and Lily

29th March 2019

Oliver, Genevieve, William, Clem, Beth, Lilly-Grace and Elana

22nd March 2019

Ayla, Elizabeth, Beth, Lucas, Jessica, Mirabelle and Chloe

15th March 2019

Thomas, Helena, Zach, Isla, Megan, Henry and Jake

8th March 2019

Harmonie, Genevieve, Polly, all of Beech, Niamh and Harry

1st March 2019

Ethan, Toby, Robin, Faber, Lilly-May, Ella and Eiran

15th Februrary 2019

Taylor, Monty, Daisie, Elliott, Erin, Alana and Rubie

8th February 2019

Thomas, Joshua, Ava, Jacob, Sophie, Rosie, Reuben

25th January 2019

Joseph, Toby, Elliot, Lucas, Jessica, Jessica and Isabel

18th January 2019

Harmonie, Elizabeth, Oliver, Clem, Jamie, Layla and Alex

11th January 2019

Cohen, Helena, Monty, Mathilde, Lauren, Faber, Tom, Layla and Lucas

14th December 2018

Tilly, Charlotte, Maisie, Isaac, Lily-Ann, Jessica, Lily

7th December 2018

Ayla, Lewis, Rory, Crystal, Megan, Niamh and Eiran

30th November 2018

Oliver, Elizabeth, William, Ben, Tom, Lilly-Grace, and Elana

23rd November 2018

Thomas, Joshua, Zach, Rhyse, Freya M, Aubrey and Alex

16th November 2018

Tilly, Genevieve, Maisie, Chloe, Lilly-May, Henry, Izzy

9th November 2018

Oliver, Toby, Rory, Isla, Oliver, Mirabelle and Harry

2nd November 2018

Cohen, Charlotte, Ava, Abigail, Sophie, Henry and Rubie

19th October 2018

Harmonie, Elizabeth, Beth, Alice, Jamie, Ella and Jake

12th October 2018

Ayla, Josh, William, Lucas, Erin, Rose and Elli

5th October 2018

Ethan, Lewis, Daisie, Aubrey and Isabel

28th September 2018

Joseph, Genevieve, Polly, Clem, Freya E, Alana and Chloe

21st September 2018

Taylor, Toby, Oliver, Noah, Beth, Layla and Reuben

14th September 2018

Charlotte, Elliot, Elliott, Jessica & all of Oak Class and Reception

20th July 2018

Genevieve, Mathilde, Elliott, Beth, Lilly-Grace and Alex

13th July 2018

Toby, Daisie, Sophie, Alana, Eiran, Yasmin

29th June 2018

Lewis, Oliver, Faber, Erin, Alana, Harry and Abbie

22nd June 2018

Elizabeth, Beth, Sophie, Jessica B, Layla, Jake and Jessica

15th June 2018

Monty, William, Richard, Oliver, Niamh, Isabel and Hattie

8th June 2018

Toby, Elliot, Crystal, Freya E, Henry, Chloe and all of year 6

25th May 2018

Josh, Polly, Ben, Tom, Mirabelle, Elana and Evie

18th May 2018

Monty, Zach, Freya M, Aubrey and all of year 2/5/6

11th May 2018

Lewis, Oliver, Abigail, Beth, Jessica and Joshua

4th May 2018

Charlotte, Maisie, Alice, Jamie, Rosie, Izzy and Lizzie

27th April 2018

Joshua, Mathilde, Lilly-May, Ella, Chloe and Phoebe

20th April 2018

Elizabeth, Rory, Clem, Megan, Henry, Rubie and Liam

23rd March 2018

Lewis, William, Isla, Reuben & Jessica

16th March 2018

Toby, Oliver, Isaac, Megan, Layla, Lily and Keiran

9th March 2018

Monty, Beth, Zach, Chloe R, Noah, Lilly-Ann, Lilly-Grace, Alex & Hattie

23rd February 2018

Joshua, Elliot, Chloe P, Erin, Henry, Elana and Yasmin

9th February 2018

Genevieve, Daisie, Lucas, Jamie, Alana, Isabel and Lila

2nd February 2018

Lewis, Polly, Rhyse, Emily, Jessica, Elli and Evie


26th January 2018

Elizabeth, Mathilde, Isaac, Freya, Rosie, Eiran and Dylan

19th January 2018

Charlotte, Maisie, Faber, Jessica, Lilly-Grace, Harry and Lizzie

12th January 2018

Joshua, Gracie, Chloe, Beth, Aubrey, Lucas and Abbie

15th December 2017

Rory, Richard, Megan, Mirabelle, Jake, Izzy, Lila and Abbie

8th December 2017

Monty, Robin, Ben, Freya M, Niamh, Lilian and Keiran

1st December 2017

Toby, Gracie, Clem, Oliver, Ella, Alex and Jessica

24th November 2017

Genevieve, Mathilde, Rhyse, Emily, Alana, Elana and Courts

17th November 2017

Elizabeth, Maisie, Abigail, Lilly-Ann, Lilly-Grace, Elli and Dylan

10th November 2017

Genevieve, Zach, Noah, Oliver, Rosie, Joshua, Eiran and Lizzie

3rd November 2017

Charlotte, Beth, Isla, Lilly-May, Jessica, Chloe and Liam

20th October 2017

Monty, Rory, Jacob, Megan, Layla, Harry and Yasmin


13th October 2017

Charlotte, William, Sophie, Erin, Aubrey, Izzy and Hattie

6th October 2017

Elizabeth, Daisie, Chloe, Freya G, Mirabelle, Isabel and Lila

29th September 2017

Toby, Elliot, Jamie, Crystal, Rubie, Niamh and Abbie

22nd September 2017

Lewis, Polly, Alice, Jessica, Henry, Jake and Phoebe

15th September 2017

All reception, Oliver, Elliott, Lucas, Tom, Ella, Reuben and Evie

14th July 2017

Mathilde, Crystal, Megan, Niamh, Elli, Abbie and Cally

7th July 2017

Maisie, Chloe, Emily, Phoebe and Charlie

30th June 2017

Zach, Isla, Erin, Aubrey, Harry, Liam and Fred

23rd June 2017

Robin, Sophie, Jessica B, Jessica W, Lily, Harriet & Ella

16th June 2017

Gracie, Richard, Lily-Ann, Layla, Reuben, Keiran and Becky

9th June 2017

William, Abigail, Jamie, Mirabelle, Xander, Yasmin and Lewis

26th May 2017

Polly, Clem, Megan, Ella, Elli, Theo and Megan

19th May 2017

Rory, Faber, Rose, Elana & all year 2

12th May 2017

Maisie, Ben, Freya, Henry, Eiran, Phoebe and all year 6

5th May 2017

Daisie, Isla, Beth, Rosie, Izzy, Theo and James

28th April 2017

Polly, Sophie, Freya, Aubrey, Josh, Yasmin and Scarlett

21st April 2017

Zach, Clem, Oliver, Mirabelle, Elli, Harriet and Freya

24th March 2017

Crystal, Jessica, Lilly-Grace, Rubie, Abbie and Fred

17th March 2017

Beth, Ben, Erin, Layla, Jake, Dylan and Scarlett

10th March 2017

Robin, Noah, Lilly-May, Ella, Chloe, Liam and Charlie


3rd March 2017

Rory, Luca, Megan, Lilly-Grace, Alex, Yasmin and Becky

24th February 2017

Lewis, Jacob, Beth, Niamh, Harry, Theo and Cally

10th February 2017


Gracie, Abigail, Emily, Henry, Alex and all of Oak

3rd February 2017


Mathilde, Rhyse, Lilly-May, Ella, Lilian, Lizzie and Freya

27th January 2017


Elliot, Isaac, Thomas, Faber, Eiran, Abbie and Leo

20th January 2017



Robin, Chloe, Freya, Lilly-Grace, Isabel V, Megan, Ella and Becky

13th January 2017

William, Alice, Jamie, Jessica, Xander, Theo and Fred

12th December 2016

All Ash, Faber, Megan, Niamh, Izzy, Jessica and Leo


28th November 2016

Beth, Isaac, Erin, Rosie, Eiran, Phoebe and Becky


21st November 2016

Rory, Abigail, Tom, Niamh, Lily, Dylan and Ella


14th November 2016

Maisie, Alice, Freya, Lilly-Grace, Reuben, Lila and Leo

7th November 2016

Gracie, Chloe, Lilly-May, Jack, Elli, Yasmin and James


31st October 2016

Lewis, Noah, Emily, Layla, Elana and all of Oak Class


17th October 2016

Zach, Isla, Oliver, Jessica, Xander, Lizzie and Scarlett


10th October 2016

Mathilde, Crystal, Beth, Ella, Rubie, Courtney and Megan


3rd October 2016

Daisie, Rhyse, Freya, Mirabelle, Harry, Hattie and Lewis


26th September 2016

Elliot, Jacob, Jamie, Rosie, Jake, Theo and Cally


20th September 2016

William, Luca, Jessica, Henry, Alex, Abbie and Fred


12th September 2016

Leo, Abbie, Isabel, Faber, all Willow and all Ash


18th July 2016

Chloe, Year 1 and Year 2, Elana, Yasmin, Megan and Lauren


11th July 2016

Ben, Lilly-May, Ella, Reuben, Phoebe, Charlie and Dylan


4th July 2016

Chloe, Erin, Henry, Isabel, Theo and Becky


1st July 2016

Crystal, Thomas, Layla, Lily, Courtney, Fred and William


20th June 2016

Jacob, Jamie, Henry, Eiran, Abbie, Lewis and Florence

13th June 2016

Noah, Emily, Lilly-Grace, Eiran, Dylan, Megan and Jack


6th June 2016

Isla, Megan, Jessica, Xander, Jessica, Tobias and Isaac


23rd May 2016

Alice, Oliver, All year 2, Harry, Yasmin and Ella


16th May 2016

Luca, Erin, Mirabelle, Elana, Lila, Scarlett and Nicole


13th May 2016

Ben, Freya, Jack, Rubie, Hattie, Becky and all of Year 6!


6th May 2016

Faber, Jamie, Henry, Elli, Keiran, Ella and Paige

25th April 2016

Isaac, Emily, Layla & Rosie, Izzy, Theo, Cally and Raven


18th April 2016

Abigail, Lilly-May, Lilly-Grace, Jake, Lizzie, Fred and Josh


24th March 2016

Chloe, Lilly-May, Mirabelle, Lily, Courtney, Charlie, Lara



14th March 2016

Luca, Thomas, Aubrey, Eiran, Dylan, Freya and Erin


7th March 2016

Posted: 7 March 2016

Jacob, Megan, Rosie, Isabel, Hattie, Scarlett and Isaac

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