Offwell C of E (VC) Primary School & Nursery

SEND and Local Offer

Offwell C of E Primary School is an inclusive school, we have high expectations for all our children and it is our aim to work in partnership with parents to get to know each individual and provide the very best education and wider primary school experience for each of our pupils.

We are committed to an inclusive curriculum that is broad and balanced, is enriched by a wealth of experience and opportunity beyond the National Curriculum and fosters those ‘memorable moments’ of primary school that each child and family treasure.

We do not discriminate in any way against any pupil seeking admission and are committed to making reasonable adjustments which are in the best interests of the child, their peers at school and our wider community. We believe the partnership with parents is essential in making sure each child receives the high quality education that helps us all work together to achieve their individual goals. Therefore some children will require additional support in order to achieve rapid learning progress and meet the high expectations parents and school share for them.

It is our aim to ensure our approach is varied and flexible in order to provide the tailored program each individual requires. As a staff team, we regularly review our skillset, ongoing professional development is key to the confidence we have to meet each child’s needs. At Offwell we regularly share the expertise of our own staff and work with a number of professionals from other agencies such as Speech and Language Therapists, our Educational Psychologist, the Communication and Interaction Team, Hearing Impairment Team, Social Care, our Family Support Worker, Medical Professionals supporting specific diagnoses and individual children and the School Nursing Team. Each child’s needs are different and should a child join our school and require support from a professional service we are not currently working with, we have access to support through Devon’s Advisor networks.

SEN Provision at Offwell is flexible and varied in order that all our children, including those with SEN, Medical Conditions and/or Disabilities, have equal opportunities to access the full curriculum, with reasonable modification or support. Naturally, in order to achieve this we will work closely with parents and, where appropriate, other professionals.

The person responsible for co-ordinating Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) or medical conditions is our SENCo, Mrs Anne Billington, who is also our Headteacher. Our Governor with responsibility for SEND is Mrs Carol Hayes. We aim to involve all members of our community in decision making and policy development.

The aims of our SEND and inclusion policies are:

  • to ensure that all learners make the best possible progress, achieve their potential and are enabled to do their best in all areas of their learning
  • to provide a broad and rich curriculum to meet the needs and abilities of all our pupils
  • to identify pupils with SEND and ensure that their needs are met
  • to ensure that children with SEND join in with all the activities of the school, as appropriate to their needs
  • to ensure parents/carers are informed of their child’s special needs and provision and that there is effective communication between parents/carers and school
  • to ensure that learners express their views and are fully involved in decisions which affect their education and learning
  • to promote effective partnership and involve outside agencies when appropriate.

Devon's Local Offer

Further helpful information and support services can be accessed on the Devon Local Offer web pages.

Should you have any further questions about our SEND provision, please get in touch with us.