The school is organised into four main classes:

  • Ash:       Pre-school and Reception
  • Willow:  Year 1 and Year 2
  • Beech:   Year 3 and Year 4
  • Oak:       Year 5 and Year 6

School times are as follows:

  • Morning Session:   8.50 am ‑ 12.00 noon
    Break from:            10.30 am – 10.45 am
  • Lunch:                    12.00 noon ‑ 1.00 pm
  • Afternoon session: 1.00 pm ‑ 3.15 pm

The school gates are opened every morning by a member of staff at 8.40 am when children go directly to their classes. The children are then greeted by their class teacher and early work activities take place. The official start time is 8.50 am and registration closes at 9.00 am. At the end of the school day, to ensure the children’s safety, we supervise their exit from school allowing them to leave only when we see the person picking them up, unless going home by bus/taxi. Parents should wait in the junior playground.

There is plenty of parking available for parents /carers and visitors in the nearby Village Hall car park. We request that you refrain from parking outside the school to avoid congestion in the village and to ensure the safety of the children.

Information concerning the dates of the beginning and ending of terms, half terms and additional holidays can be found on the website. These are given to parents at the beginning of the Autumn term. Any amendments are notified through the weekly newsletter.

It is important children attend school as regularly as possible. If an absence during term time is unavoidable, an Absence Request form (obtainable from school) should be completed and returned to Mrs Billington before the absence is taken or booked (for holiday). It is particularly important parents bear in mind the period leading up to and including KS1/2 SATs and the beginning of a new school year, as these are difficult times for children to miss and will not be authorised. In certain circumstances, following a period of unauthorised absence, in accordance with LEA/Government guidance, a Penalty Notice resulting in a fine, may be issued.