Offwell C of E (VC) Primary School & Nursery

Core Values and Collective Worship

Offwell Primary School carried out a complete review of its aims and values.  The whole school community was involved, with the children deciding on the 5 most important values and parents, governors, staff and children taking a fresh look at what our school means to them.

This is what makes our school special, so we hope you like the result!

AIMS HIGH with Christian values

Sharing: Loyalty: Forgiveness: Honesty: Caring

Academic excellence through high expectations
Inclusive curriculum for all
Making the most of every opportunity
Spiritual and moral development

Highly valued – children, staff, parents, governors and community
Individual gifts and talents are developed
Give it a go! Positive attitudes in work and play
Happy and healthy children!

As well as choosing our 5 core values, the children chose the symbol of a hand to help remind us of those things, our values, which determine how we try to act toward each other.


Christian Ethos Group

2018/2019 Ethos Group - Children representatives - Isabel, Rubie, Aubrey, Rosie, Freya E and Thomas